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What is Art?

Art is a form of expression that can create a title wave of curiosity.

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a complete amateur like Capt. met with Selorm and Johnny Drille, the stories untold 

Pretty Lines Capt.
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My Life Unseen

        I saw an interview by Trever Noah with Issa Rae. They talked about her partnership with life water (@LIFEWTR) to find unrepresented individual creatives for their platform. Also, the opportunity to be mentored by Issa Rae herself. So, this is my shot because I have nothing to lose.

        To me, art is a form of expression that can create a title wave of curiosity. I discovered art at a young age; having to grow, I felt like I had a disability, my size. Due to my weak frame and upbringing, I became an introvert and found escape elsewhere. For a very long time, I have been striving to achieve a lifelong dream of becoming the closest thing to a real-life superhero that I know, Iron Man. I told myself if I could not be an engineer good enough to make an exo-suit, I could still play a role as the most outstanding engineer in a film like Iron Man or even better, which would satisfy that portion of my dreams.

        To me, being an introvert can be a dangerous thing. Like the saying, “it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for.“ Not being able to express myself as I would like (party, have fun, and enjoy the good things life has to offer), I have a lot of bottled-up tension. Luckily God has given me a better way to cope through the arts. I like dance/dancing though I do not have the know-how to; I would love to learn how to sing and or even draw magnificent portraits if I could. Just a little something to illustrate how I survived, but I am not there yet.


        Because Iron Man has been an essential milestone in my life, I have continuously been looking for a way to paint a visual picture without a script, then God sent me a response. A way to learn while gaining all the experiences I need to tell my story, my sister, Selasie. She has helped me learn a lot about filmmaking by making me her DOP for her short films. One got runner-up at an Akron film festival, with another on the way. Though this has cut my learning curve, I have only scratched the surface of what I need to learn.

        I really enjoyed watching Insecure with Issa Rae because I could relate. As awkward as I have grown, I am still Insecure about how the world, friends, and family will receive my wild allegations. I want to tell the story of Man and God and the many demons I met along the way.


        I am looking forward to learning more through this contest to tell a story the younger generations can learn from of the Life Unseen. #LifeUnseenContest. 

Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve Inverse_edited_edited.png
Adam and Eve Inverse_edited_edited_edite

unseen untold unimagined uncapit

Genesis 1:27

Genesis 1 - in the beginning, God created the... 
vs. 27 God made man in his image male and female both
vs. 28 He blessed them

Ask yourself, if a man is made from clay, was the clay God used white-brown-black? Have you ever seen white clay? How often is it used? What are the pros and cons of both types? Where can you find some? Can there be pure clay?


Now fast forward, Jesus Christ was not born in a geographical area where many white people lived.


The lack of clarifications and understanding of such these is limiting the potentials of future leaders.

If I am made in the image of God, why must there be only white Jesus painted to the masses. This is a misinterpretation that is planting harmful seeds in the next generations. Everyone needs to instinctively envision their own Genesis stories so we can better relate to one another.


That is the #genesis127 behind this image. There are more stories to be told; Adam&Eve (wishing it luck for the #lifeunseencontest @lifewtr) is one of many that needed a canvas.


Check out Ministrieam

Adam and Eve Inverse_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Sun Kissed Day .jpg


Painting of the Sun shining and smiling on a perfectly peaceful, beautiful day. 

Sun Kissed Day .jpg

heart of man

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