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God Listens


Yes Lord!

Thank you for, the things that you doing

        , all the life I have been given

        , all the rules I have been breaking


Yes Lord!

If it wasn’t you, I would be shaken

        , all the blows I have been taken 

        , at times feel forsaken


Yes Lord!

Take a look, I don’t like these problems

        , aging trying to solve them 

        , deadly are my options

Yes Lord!

Yes Lord!

You know I, just want to stop them

        , before I have to stop them

        , I don't want that option

Yes Lord!

Massively, heavy are my burdens

        , to you I am bout to lay them

        , let you come and save them

Yes Lord!

Thank you cause, riches are my portion

        , full of the anointing

        , spirit walks before thee

Yes Lord!



Will I Go To  Heaven When I Die


Will I Go To  Heaven When I Die?

Yes! I am evil, double minded, lustful, greedy, cunning, deceptive, fearful, doubtful, angry, jealous, weak, worry, dark, twisted, unhappy, hypocritical, judgmental, sarcastic, prideful, depressed, dangerous, manipulative, misunderstand, limited in my listening, sad, vengeful, etc…. and many more that makes up over 90% of me. But He first chose me and through Christ, I am made whole.


Will I Go To  Heaven When I Die?

Yes! I can only try to be good, understanding, discerning, bold, share a smile, save a life, help a soul, raise kids right, tend to the fields and to be a fraction Likechrist, less than 10% of God


I Will Go To Heaven When I Die?

My only task is to maintain His 10% and leave my 90% for Him to deal with.

What is my Journey 

Truth is I don’t know. I ask why all the time only to realize im at another why, without full understanding if i got a response or what it might be. I find comfort in hearing certain messages and  

Spend More Time if not in the word then right here on randomandfree

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