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Christ 2.0

Adam had the dream

Eve had the drive

Adam had the desire

Eve had the vision

My parents were not perfect for each other

They were so much alike that they were opposite

A man that dreamt of only greatness

And desired to be accepted by all

For all his food works and service

Trying not to be forgotten

A woman that envisioned only greatness

And had the drive to build

All into existence

To prove others others

They never understood each other

For him, her drive

For her, his desire

Both broken from birth

They were never meant to be

Then it hit me

What you envision around

You can determine how you dream

And fueling the desires

Strengthens the drive

Isn't it funny how God works

He gives you not what you want

But what you need.

All for the sake of me

Though they weren't meant to be

God gave me what He meant for me

The Dream, The Drive, The Desire,

And The Vision for Greatness

So thank you man (Adam)

Thank you woman (Eve)

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