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Someone Great

So I just saw Someone Great on Netflix, and it was pretty amazing, mostly because I was attracted to the ladies. Besides all the promotions of drugs and drinking and the profane language, it really speaks on the message of growth and change. In today's days, relationships are, I would say about 55% of what goes on in our mind, and it is an excellent way to attract attention.

This is what I understood, people are terrified of growing up. It should be a known fact by now. Change is, but it is also necessary. From everything, I was saying watching observing same different, but it reminds me of the state of people today. They always seek for things to distract them from the reality, the fact that life sucks, mostly through drugs. With all the emotional stuff that goes on in life, there is a constant desire for distractions to not have to think or deal with them directly. The most mind-blowing part is this cycle continues no matter how old you seem to get.

The relationship In the film starts at college, but if you pay attention to all the younger generations (teenagers) out there, you can clearly see all the similarities. Maybe even in your own life. Relationships with the Opposite sex definitely has its ups and downs and sometimes needs to end for you to find something better.

However, that is a relationship that no one ever seems to recognize. The relationship between friends. I feel a lot of people today are envious, ready to compete and even fight people they once used to consider friends. Also though we continuously see films and movies end with the friends always being there for each other, the reality is no one believes that could be an outcome. And those that do are either away from the people that need to experience it, or they are broken down from lack of exposure to it.

The sad part is that this is the world that we live in and even more unfortunate we see, read, experience similar messages like these and either ignore the facts or completely overlooked it.

Oh well, Let me know what you think when you get the chance to watch it!

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