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Love Letter (LL)

Heyyy there,

To be honest, I know I should be saying this in person but I can never seem to put the right words together when I speak to you, especially when I’m with you. I also know writing this will expose how fragile and vulnerable I am but it's the only way to let you know before I run out of the opportunities.

This might be corny but there is a way I know all women should be treated. You deserve all of that and more. You might not know this but I take words very seriously, the mere possibility of you telling me no frightens me to death. That is why I strive for things to be perfect, a place far beyond my reach at the moment. It might be a pride thing, but I have to prove to you, I can give you that kind of treatment. I see life like music, the kinds you listen to make you who you are so

“if it's lovin that you want, you should make me your man and

if it's lovin that you need, you should come and shear my world.”

The choice is yours.



P.S this was an actual love letter, but she said no so I invite you all to shear my world. 🥰

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