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I AM Not Black, I AM African

I am not black

There is no such thing as black. What I am is human. The meaning of black is the absence of or complete absorption of light. Light as we know it is electromagnetic radiation or a collection of waves and rays.

Let me frighten you for a sec.

So out of all these race and waves (light), there is a small fraction that is visible. From this fraction, we get the colors. White, the reflection of all these ways and raise inside this fraction gives us the various colors.

This can only mean humans view light, by taking in so many waves and rays at the same time that we can make different colors even scarier we can control the colors we want to see

But the truly terrifying thing is, though White is the reflection of the fraction of light, black is the absorption of all light as a whole. The waves & rays seen & unseen.

Now think to yourself, when Europeans were thinking of a simple description of themselves to give to natives as they invaded, why was it white? Why compare yourself so white? Keep in mind God was already taken, and His shoes were too big to fill.

But it makes sense, compared to They were only a small fraction of those waves and rays also they are merely reflecting what is inside them. Buttholism!

And somewhere along the way, comparing everything else that does not reflect the same way, black The Unseen for Unknown.

How befitting,

At the end of the day, everything I just said relates to color does not equal life or living.

See I did not call you white, a matter of fact you're not white. you are transparent, letting everyone see your inner fears the Unseen, unknown, Darkness And black (everything not visible in the spectrum)

I don't mind being black because it just means I absorb all manner of light to grow. but if that is the reason why you fear me, then you should know

I am not Black. I am not a color. I am African, a place of discipline and culture.

I am human, harmless, and African!


PS: God can't be white because through Him, light was created. He said, "Let there be Light" NOT Let there be White! Moreover, if black is the complete absorption of light, then God is Blacker, then all things/colors put together.

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