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Writing Sucks

Out of all the subjects in the world, writing is the worst. It's not the worst because it is annoying, but it's given us other subjects that require a lot of writing such as history. Now I want to ask you to imagine the world without writing. Everything will be just like numbers the computer program does running zeros and ones, true or false. Simple right but now we have scripts which puts together lists of words people came up with a long time ago given the meaning and shaping how everyone refused what they see and what they do and what they feel. Writing really sucks.

Now growing up I never liked writing, never really understood it but luckily I made it through all those horror fit classes and sessions. Maybe you can tell from my writing style punctuation nouns pronouns grammar; all those things I never really understood and to this day I still don't quite understand it.

But that is not the main reason why I hate writing

As simple of a person as I am, I am a man of action I like to do things and to have them done without the unnecessary steps of having to read long instructions or write long reports. Doing should not require writing; it is an unnecessary step which complicates things. To those that can do, do and to those that can't, have others do for them.

For example, I have spent years taking the same math class over and over again just because I am forced to read then try to understand someone else's thought process before answering the question. As you can tell, that has not gone well. I am a student that learned through demonstrations and explanations not complicated trick questions that asks you to exhaust valuable time just to try and understand the problem. If you are someone like I am, it gets very frustrating because I have money on my mind 24/7 and that time spent it's less time spent on making money.

But the exact reason why I hate writing is that with all the time I spend thinking of ways to make money no one will Ever give you the opportunity or the time of day unless you have it in writing. Moreover, if you can find someone that allows you or gives you that opportunity they can't be trusted unless you have a legal document, again, all in writing.

I just want to make money, but because of writing, I am not as wealthy as I should have been by now. It's saddening!

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