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Why Fear God?

Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

Why should I fear God? This makes no sense to me, is fear the only way for a person to obey? Having an African background, I was raised to fear my parents all through old reliable art of discipline. After witnessing many reinforcements of "discipline," I grew accustomed to obeying all forms of authority figures, prioritizing them based on the level of discipline they could inflict. However, it is also possible to obey those that you respect and that you genuinely respect starts some form of love.

Now that I am older, parents try to build these relationships with me as if we are supposed to be great friends. Also, listen to others, I am at that age where I should be able to have deep unfiltered conversations with parental figures and other adults. What no one ever considers is that the love it takes to build that kind of relationship does not exist when it comes to authority figures, parents, and adults. It was not around in the past, so why have it now?

When you are growing up with your friends, the most significant thing as children is that you all don't understand what love is. You learn it together, making the same mistakes and growing from them (whether you grow far apart or even closer than ever). So when discipline is no longer an option or is no longer equivalent to respect with years of domestication. When that time comes around, it is not possible to suddenly have the same kind of relationship you have with your friends with your parents. So, where do you start?

In my case, I don't see myself have it. So, in this case, WHY FEAR GOD?

Alternate understanding: to give mankind a place to start building their relationship with God we were introduced to Jesus Christ

So I ask, why can't I, Love God and obey his commandments, for this is everyone's duty.

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