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Saying 'Yes' to God: A Poem/Song about Embracing His Will and Finding Purpose

Say 'yes' to God and embrace a life filled with purpose and meaning. This powerful poem/song reflects on the transformative power of saying 'yes' to God's will and the blessings that come with surrendering to His plan. Let this work inspire you to say 'yes' to the Lord and live a life of faith.

Yes Lord!

Thank you for, the things that you doing

        , all the life I have been given

        , all the rules I have been breaking

Yes Lord!

If it wasn’t you, I would be shaken

        , all the blows I have been taken 

        , at times feel forsaken

Yes Lord!

Take a look, I don’t like these problems

        , aging trying to solve them 

        , deadly are my options

Yes Lord!

You know I, just want to stop them

        , before I have to stop them

        , I don't want that option

Yes Lord!

Massively, heavy are my burdens

        , to you I am bout to lay them

        , let you come and save them

Yes Lord!

Thank you cause, riches are my portion

        , full of the anointing

        , spirit walks before thee

Yes Lord!


This is unfinished because there are many things that I can say and add all because at some point in my life I said 'yes' to God.

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