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The Power of Trying: A Poem on Why Our Efforts Matter in Securing a Place in Heaven

Discover the power of effort and perseverance in securing your place in heaven. This uplifting poem reflects on the importance of trying and the rewards that come with striving towards righteousness. Let these words inspire and encourage you in your faith journey.

Will I Go To  Heaven When I Die?

Yes! I am evil, double minded, lustful, greedy, cunning, deceptive, fearful, doubtful, angry, jealous, weak, worry, dark, twisted, unhappy, hypocritical, judgmental, sarcastic, prideful, depressed, dangerous, manipulative, misunderstand, limited in my listening, sad, vengeful, etc…. and many more that makes up over 90% of me. But He first chose me and through Christ, I am made whole.


Will I Go To  Heaven When I Die?

Yes! I can only try to be good, understanding, discerning, bold, share a smile, save a life, help a soul, raise kids right, tend to the fields and to be a fraction Likechrist, less than 10% of God


I Will Go To Heaven When I Die?

My only task is to maintain His 10% and leave my 90% for Him to deal with.

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