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War On Uncle Sam

In Him Is A Spirit Of A Thug

So the story begins here,

Though, it has many beginnings

This would be the most relevant.

Why? you may ask


Because this is pure fear!

Showing the dark sides

of a true OG!

Now I know

You tell yourself this pretty

little stories, Of Me!

Thanks for the complements


How pathetic!

You should know that

A True OG

Does whatever it takes

For his family.

So let me give you a hand

Give you something to focus on

A cute gesture of weakness

these kind images,

is all it takes

For you to pass your judgment

how pathetic you all are!

But I do not blame you

So I stay the course

helping you

Build your silver city

While I design mine in gold

Now this realization

Is the beginning of fear

Knowing you will never know

What my sights are set on

To ever outsmart me

This is when you feel fear set in

So if you got this far, I would like to Thank You!

Let me know what you think

Don’t forget to like it share it and leave a Comment!

This is a widely spread story, so you will find other materials through my other outlet to help put the story together!! Let me know what you think about the first part.

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